New feature on Facebook to prevent fake news

New feature on Facebook to prevent fake news

Social media Facebook has taken a new initiative to stop the spread of fake news. To this end, the company owned by Meter has launched several new tools. Not only will the new feature help identify fake information; This will also reduce the work pressure of Facebook group admins.

This will allow admins to perform group tasks better. One of the new tools launched by Facebook is ‘Admin Assist’. The tool will automatically help group admins to cancel posts with fake information.

Also, the ‘Mute’ tool has been further enhanced with the name Suspend or Cancel.

This feature allows group admins and moderators to temporarily exclude members from group posts, feedback, comments and chats. The new tool will automatically check if there are any instances of Facebook users sharing fake news. Thus, even if that member wants, he will not be able to join the group.

Facebook Tool will automatically cancel the request to join the group. The ‘Admin Home’ design tool has also been updated to the desktop version.

Added new layout for mobile phones. For admins, QR codes are automatically added to Facebook group ads. It lets users easily know the details of the group by scanning the KR code.


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